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Improving the genetics of a herd is a key factor for success of a breeding operation – as well as for the improvement and health of Cervid populations in general.

Obtaining and introducing these genetics can be an expensive proposition, and one that a breeder only has a single opportunity for each year.

VERGE Vet Services understands this, and provides top-quality Veterinary medical breeding services and support, specifically focused and trained in Cervid health, to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

VERGE clients have found that after investing in these genetics, they can safeguard their investment and improve the outcomes and success of their breeding program by using a trained and qualified Cervid Veterinarian for their AI, LAP/AI, and breeding program care.

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VERGE Mobile Veterinary Services

We are an entirely mobile veterinary practice, meaning we come to your ranch and perform all work on-site, eliminating the need to transport animals. The following is a very abbreviated explanation of our services. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to  Contact Us.

We supply everything that you will need to breed your deer in a single package, and when we say everything - we actually mean it.  Our goal is to make things as convenient and easy to understand as possible. Unlike others in the industry, we charge a single, flat-rate price for each deer bred. All of the supplies, including drugs and synchronization materials are included in the cost. The only additional costs to you are mileage reimbursement for travel to your ranch.​

When we come to your ranch, we bring the surgical suite to you.  This includes anesthesia monitoring equipment and anesthetic drugs, laparoscopic and semen supplies, semen evaluation equipment, oxygen administration supplies, emergency drugs, etc.  We bring everything a veterinarian could possibly need right to your ranch.  We have worked long and hard to make sure that our service is thorough and efficient, and to provide the safest and most reliable insemination possible.  We also keep very detailed records of every step along the way.

CWD Safe Procedures

​VERGE is the leader in developing CWD ante-mortem "Live Testing".  We understand the risks of CWD and have developed safety and clinical protocols that exceed the recognized industry best practices for disease control and prevention.  We apply these procedures to ALL of our services, so you can be assured that your herd - and your business - will not be at risk of a CWD transmission due to any VERGE service.

If you'd like to know more about VERGE's CWD protocols, and how we can help you reduce your exposure to CWD, please contact VERGE.

Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination (LAP/AI)

​There are many advantages to performing laparoscopic artificial insemination as opposed to traditional, cranial vaginal or transcervical artificial insemination.  If you would like to discuss these advantages further, and find out which service is the right choice for your operation, please don’t hesitate to
call for a consult

​We try to make this procedure as easy on the producer as possible. Once you have hired our services, we will mail you an information packet that details all of the information you need to know about the breeding process and the preparation you need to do before we come to your ranch. This preparation involves synchronizing does and making sure that they are ready to undergo the procedure. If this is your first year breeding, or simply don't feel comfortable with the preparation process, we would be happy to set up an on-ranch consultation as well.

Traditional Artificial Insemination

While this method is no longer the industry standard, in some instances it may be a viable option for your operation. 
Contact us if you would like to learn more about this procedure.

Semen Collection

​Semen collection is arguably the most important procedure that a producer can have performed on their herd. Owning straws of semen on any valuable buck on your property is the cheapest and most effective form of insurance. Anesthetizing and collecting your valuable bucks should not be left to inexperienced individuals. Our anesthetic protocols have been developed with the assistance of board certified veterinary anesthesiologists in order to minimize the risks associated with anesthesia. We have ample monitoring equipment to closely monitor the buck's vital signs, and we use inhalant gas anesthesia in order to rapidly adjust the buck's anesthetic depth. We also place an intravenous catheter for supportive fluids during the procedure and to have quick access to a vein if the need may arise.

Semen Processing, Storage, and Shipping

Collecting semen is only the first step in the process.  Once collected, it needs to be analyzed and processed into straws correctly for storage.  This is a sensitive process, and needs to be done by a professional that has experience in semen handling.  If done incorrectly, your entire collection could be worthless.  We keep records throughout the process, to provide you with a detailed analysis of each straw.  This data includes concentration, post-thaw motility, any defects that might be present in the sperm, etc.  We strive to set the industry standard in providing this service, and find value in knowing the details of each buck and collection. 

Fresh (LIVE) Sexed Semen

VERGE is a pioneer in advancing the use of live, fresh sexed semen for use in LAP/AI and breeding. Using innovative and proprietary procedures, VERGE Veterinarians are able to collect and sort fresh buck collections. The result is a dramatic increase in motility of the collections - and better breeding outcomes.

Embryo Transfer (MOET)

​We are offering this technology to a limited number of clients at this time.  Multiple-Ovulation Embryo Transfer is a growing technology in the deer industry and allows a producer the ability to maximize the maternal genetics in a herd. A genetically valuable doe is given drugs to induce ovulation, and is then inseminated laparoscopically. A few days later, embryos are collected and implanted into a recipient or frozen for storage. Please call for more information.

Breeding Soundness Exams / Breeding Support Services

​Performing breeding soundness exams is a valuable way to determine if a buck or doe has breeding potential. We have extrapolated guidelines in other species from the Society for Theriogenology to utilize in the deer industry. We also include a complementary buck breeding soundness exam on each semen collection.  A buck breeding soundness exam includes three basic parts, with many different components.  The three parts are: 1) assessing the structural and physiologic soundness of the animal, 2) an assessment specifically looking at the reproduction system; and 3) an analysis of the semen quality.  This is essential to perform at the beginning of the breeding season so that the producer can identify and mitigate any foreseeable problems before they become a detriment to the breeding season and the herd. VERGE's Breeding Support Services don't end after the AI work is done. VERGE Veterinarians continue to provide support and care through gestation and into fawning, to help assure the best outcomes and the healthiest fawns.

Genetic Selection

Breeders are often bombarded with conflicting claims and advice concerning the best way to improve the genetics of their herd. VERGE Veterinarians can assist with these genetic selection questions by providing agenda-free answers and suggestions for clients who want the solutions for the questions they face TODAY.


Herd Health and General Veterinary Medicine/Surgery

​We are a full-service mobile veterinary clinic.  Although we have a focus on reproduction, having successful breeding seasons starts with herd health.  Unhealthy does and bucks are less productive than healthy ones, and the producer will reap the benefits of having a healthy herd.  We believe that our services pay for themselves in the long-run.  If you have a particular issue you would like to discuss, please
Contact Us and we will offer our professional advice and services.  

Free Phone Consultation

If you are a new or potential client,
  Contact Us today for a free consultation and to discuss how we can make your operation more productive and profitable with our services.